Try this! 30 day plank challenge

We should all be planking!

Planks are fantastic for physie girls because they target our core. A strong core will help protect your back, and other parts of your body from injury. It also improves postural control making your Physie look neat, strong and effortless. Planking also works the muscles in your arms, back, glutes and thighs. So it’s a great all over exercise.

How to Plank correctly

  1. Plant your palms firmly on the ground, directly under the shoulders
  2. Ground the toes into the floor. Squeeze your abs, glutes and thighs to stabilize the body.
  3. Neutralize the neck and spine. Do this by drawing your belly button into your spine and keep your body in a straight line. You should focus on a spot on the floor about ½ metre from your hands (similar to a trunk forwards bend).  Your head should be in line with your back.

Plank Hands

Make sure NOT to

    • Dip your lower back
    • Lift pelvis too high (i.e. above your shoulders)

To avoid both these mistakes try and imagine balancing a glass of water on your lower back. If you dip or lift your pelvis the glass will fall off!

So here is the challenge

Day 1 

30 Seconds

Day 2

20 Seconds

Day 3

30 Seconds

Day 4

30 Seconds

Day 5

40 Seconds

Day 6


Day 7

45 Seconds

Day 8

45 Seconds

Day 9

1 Minute

Day 10

1 Minute

Day 11

1 Minute

Day 12

90 Seconds



Day 14

90 Seconds

Day 15

90 Seconds

Day 16

2 Minutes

Day 17

2 Minutes

Day 18

2 Min 30 Seconds

Day 19


Day 20

2 Min 30 Seconds

Day 21

2 Min 30 Seconds

Day 22

3 Minutes

Day 23

3 Minutes

Day 24

3 Min 30 Seconds

Day 25

3 Min 30 Seconds

Day 26


Day 27

4 Minutes

Day 28

4 Minutes

Day 29

4 Min 30 Seconds

Day 30

5 Minutes

  Make it easier

If the plank challenge is a bit daunting, or if you have any wrist issues,  start out planking on your elbows. Support yourself on your forearms rather than your hands. This will give you more surface area to distribute your weight, putting less strain on the body.


Of course I wouldn’t recommend any exercises that I don’t plan on doing myself. So I will be joining you all starting today!

Comment below and let me know how you go!


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