Physie how to: The splits

As physie girls, we can almost predict what counts ‘5 & 6’ of the floor drill will be each and every year. The Splits!

The splits are incorporated in every floor drill from the 5yrs to open seniors, and this year they have even snuck their way into the open senior dance!

However, we are not going to get down flat by doing them once a week at class. So Ive listed some of the best stretches you can do at home (and before class) to help you improve your splits.

As always, make sure you nice and warm before attempting any of these stretches. And do them all on each side!

1. Square Kneel

Splits 1

Start in a square kneel and push your hips forward and up.

2. Lunge


Move your foot forward to move into a hip flexor stretch. Making sure you keep a gap between your calf and thigh.

3. Hamstring 


Straighten your front leg and flex the foot. Stretch forward and reach your arms as far as possible.

4. Quad 


Change weight to your front leg and bend your back leg, grabbing it with your opposite hand.

5. Splits


Finally slide down into the splits. Try and hold for at least 15 seconds.

The splits are a great demonstration of your flexibility and strength. They can seem very difficult, but we all have the ability to master them.

I challenge you all to do these stretches once a day! I’m positive you will notice a difference, and be down flat in no time.


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